Recent news from the lab

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August 14th, 2019


Dr. Schacter was quoted in a new HuffPost piece about online self-presentation and social media sharing. The article also discusses findings from a 2016 study led by Dr. Schacter and co-authored by Shayna Greenberg and Dr. Jaana Juvonen. You can read the HuffPost piece here and check out the original study here.


August 6th, 2019

Dr. Schacter publishes in the journal of early adolescence

Dr. Schacter and Dr. Jaana Juvonen have a new paper accepted in the Journal of Early Adolescence. The study, titled “When Do Friendships Help Versus Hurt? Perceived Best Friend Victimization and Support as Moderators of Peer Victimization-Related Distress,” examines whether adolescents’ best friendships protect against peer victimization-related distress. Findings suggest that although high-quality friendships generally buffer victims from emotional problems, close friendships between bullied teenagers can amplify girls’ depressive and anxiety symptoms. You can read a pre-print of the accepted paper here:


June 20th, 2019

Dr. Schacter Awarded srcd small grant for early career scholars

Dr. Schacter and Dr. Adam Hoffman have received research funding through the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Small Grants Program for Early Career Scholars. They will be launching the Promoting Relationships and Identity Development in Education (PRIDE) study this fall, which will test the efficacy of a novel, identity-based self-affirmation intervention for diverse high school students. They are especially interested in understanding how to mitigate the negative effects of discrimination and bias-based mistreatment among adolescents. For more information about getting involved with this new project, please visit the join the lab page.


June 17th, 2019

Dr. Schacter attends summer Institute on Biological APproaches in the Social Sciences

Last week, Dr. Schacter traveled to Northwestern University where she received a crash course in biological approaches for social science research. Highlights of the workshop included Q&As with faculty and graduate student experts, meeting other interdisciplinary early career scholars, and hands-on opportunities to try new methods (including self-administered dried blood spot sampling!). The workshop, led by Drs. Greg Miller, Emma Adam, and Thomas McDade, was funded through the Russell Sage Foundation.

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June 10th, 2019

Adolescent Relationships in Context (ARC) Lab launch

Dr. Hannah Schacter will be joining the Developmental Science Area of the Wayne State University Department of Psychology in Fall, 2019 as an Assistant Professor. She is very excited to launch the Adolescent Relationships in Context (ARC) Lab, which will study how teens’ social experiences contribute to their health and well-being across school, home, and online environments. The name “ARC Lab” was chosen to highlight the lab’s emphasis on understanding how teens develop and change over time.

Dr. Schacter will be recruiting highly motivated undergraduates to join the ARC Lab as research assistants starting Fall 2019.

She will also be recruiting a graduate student to begin in Fall 2020.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Schacter with any questions or general interest in the lab!